What we do

We offer consultancy in geoscientific projects and surveys for natural hazard analyses, especially seismic hazards. An assessment of the local or regional earthquake risk due to active faulting is necessary for critical facilities like nuclear installations, power plants, chemical plants, and critical infrastructure such as bridges and dams. The programs of standards for such facilities require an evaluation by means of deterministic or probabilistic seismic hazard analyses (DSHA/PSHA). For nuclear power plants, such standards include for example the KTA 2201 in Germany and the GSG-01.11 for Spain. The IAEA guidelines SSG-9 and SSR-2/1 define the requirements in general.

Fault evaluation is needed to determine if a fault is active or not and to retrieve fault parameters like maximum expectable earthquake, slip rate (changes), recurrence interval, and associated earthquake environmental effects. Also, diffuse seismicity can be characterized when no fault is present, not known or has not been detected. We apply various methods to achieve these parameters: earthquake geology and paleoseismology, geological and geomorphological mapping, paleoseismological trenching, shallow geophysical investigations, shallow drillings, LiDAR scanning, remote sensing analyses, etc.

We also offer consultancy on other natural hazards like tsunamis and mass movements. Shallow subsurface investigations for quarry exploration, cavity detection, dyke/levee evaluation, archaeology etc. include ground penetrating radar (GPR), electric resistivity tomography (ERT) and magnetic susceptibility measurements (MS).


What you get

Our company offers all investigations that are required to obtain the input data for seismic hazard analyses and natural hazard assessments. Tailored to our clients’ needs we design projects to retrieve the relevant geological/geophysical parameters for DSHA/PSHA and similar methods. Our service includes geological and geophysical field work, data analytics, the planning and organization of field work campaigns and quality control, and the re-evaluation of existing data. We organize international workshops and meetings for bringing together the experts you need. Our broad network allows us to find the specialists for almost any kind of geoscientific project. We collaborate with external experts from academia and the industry worldwide.

The results of our surveys will be delivered as you need them: We produce maps, reports, geological and geophysical raw or processed data, visualizations, websites, presentations and models. We deliver on-time and ensure the highest standards.

Our expertise is based on many years of academic research on active faults and paleoseismology, proven by a number of awards and excellence in scientific publications. We have a strong world-wide network that allows us to adapt our consultancy strategy to the respective needs of the client. We operate worldwide.


Who we are

Klaus Reicherter

Dr. rer. nat., Geologist

Klaus Reicherter is professor at RWTH Aachen University and head of the Institute for Neotectonics and Natural Hazards. He has investigated paleoseismology and the effects of active tectonics on landforms for more than two decades and produced scientific publications and edited books. He is an internationally recognized and highly renowned expert on the field of earthquake geology and environmental effects. His research concentrates mainly in Europe and Asia and includes tsunami and sediments.

Christoph Grützner

Dr. rer. nat, Geophysicist

Christoph Grützner studied Geophysics in Leipzig, Germany and received his PhD from RWTH Aachen University in 2011. He was a researcher at Cambridge University from 2014-2017. Since 2006 Christoph works on paleoseismology, active tectonics, and tectonic geomorphology. His expertise also includes geophysics on karst detection, archaeology, quarry exploration, utility mapping, cavity mapping and dyke/levee evaluation. He did field work in Europe, Central Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East. Currently he works at the Institute for Geological Sciences at FSU Jena.

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